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At Lilly Charis Care Services in London, our main aim is to provide quality care services with a client-centred approach in an efficient and professional manner so that our clients can develop and enhance their independence. We undertake a complete assessment to determine the abilities in relation to independence for each person. Our supported living model provides each person with a tenancy in our apartment. The support provided is tailored to individual needs and designed for individuals who are largely independent and who are working towards living independently in the community over time. We offer a higher level of support with a clear pathway for reducing support over time as individuals become significantly more independent. When individuals are ready to move into their own apartment in the community, we work with the individual, family members, their wider support team, and our housing partners to explore and secure the best possible option for moving on. Visit us in London or give us a call at 07398 834842 to learn more about our work.

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